River Safety and Code of Conduct

River Safety & Code Of Conduct

The river safety guide and code of conduct is intended to help everyone to enjoy the river without reducing the enjoyment of others, upsetting wildlife habitat or damaging the environment. There are a number of local information guides to enjoying the river Wye, Please read them for your safety and enjoyment of the river Wye.

Some main points to remember
  • Remain safe on the river at all times, Remember your Safety Briefing
  • Ensure you wear your life jacket and helmet whilst on the river
  • Leave no trace: Leave the area as you found it and take all your waste away
  • Consider other people, wildlife and environment
  • Keep the Wye Valley peaceful, keep noise and disturbance to a minimum
The environmental agency has produced an excellent Canoeists' guide to the river Wye containing lots of useful information such as safety on the rivers, code of conduct, river gradings, local maps, wildlife information, river Wye and tourism information.
The Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a local organisation manages the preservation the area, It has produced a Code of Conduct for Canoeists on the Wye which is a fun friendly guide to your enjoyment of the river Wye.